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Portable Scooters are designed to be dismantled so that they can fit into the boot of a car. With a few exceptions portable scooters have a top speed of 4 MPH and most of them will dismantle into five pieces. Portable scooters DO NOT require road tax and do not have to be registered with DVLA. It is not a legal requirement to insure portable scooters but Mobility and Comfort strongly recommend taking out insurance cover.

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Drive ST1-0
Drive ST1
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Electric Mobility Ultra Lite 480-0
Electric Mobility Ultra Lite 480
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Jazzy Zero Turn
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Kymco Mini Comfort
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Liberty Vogue
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Monarch Mobie Plus
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Monarch Smartie -0
Monarch Smartie
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Moonlight Plus
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One Rehab Illusion
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Pride Apex Rapid-0
Pride Apex Rapid
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Pride Go Go Elite Traveller -0
Pride Go Go Elite Traveller
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