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Kozee Washable Bed Pads Double Deluxe


  • Size 54″ x 35″ (137cm x 89cm).
  • Cotton Tucks 17″ x 35″ (44cm x 89cm).
  • Absorbency 4 litre.
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These bed pads are made to the same standards as more expensive alternatives. The one-way stay dry brushed polyester top helps keep the user dry, the moisture is retained by the absorbent fibre mat, and the bed is protected by the moisture proof backing.

They are available in a lilac colour, this colour was chosen as it is suitable for both gents and well as ladies. They are packed individually or in threes, working on the assumption, that you will have one in use, one in the wash and one spare to use when needed.

They are a generous size offering maximum coverage and have a capacity which is sufficient for most circumstances.

They are available in two styles, either with or without tuck-in flaps.

The attractively bound flaps measure 17″ deep and are the full length of the pads, to give plenty to tuck under the mattress irrespective of the mattress depth.

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