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Age UK Discreet Shaped Pad for Men


Made from breathable, waterproof and non-rustle material. These pads fit in to a user’s underwear. For those with active lifestyles.


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Age UK Discreet Shaped Regular Pads support male sufferers of light to moderate incontinence with active lifestyles. The pads are specifically designed to sit in the underwear of the user to catch any leaks at their source. If an accident does occur the pad is also fitted with an odour control facility which will mask the smell.

Featuring a non-rustle waterproof backing sheet for further discretion and protection. These pads also incorporate a self-adhesive strip to keep them in place to support the user’s active lifestyle. To prevent uncomfortable overheating the backing sheet is also made from a breathable material.

In comparison to the old version, this new updated version features a higher absorbency; visual changes made to make the pad more discreet as well as an increased width of the product and reduced length to imporve the fit.

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