MoTec Jupiter Mobility Scooter

£2,395.00 With VAT Relief

  • Max. Range: 45km
  • Speed: 8mph
  • Batteries: 75Ah x 2
  • Maximum Safe Slope: 10º at 160kg
  • Light And Indicators: Yes
  • Total Weight: 146kg
  • Maximum User Weight: 160kg (25.2 stone)


The Jupiter is the leader of the pack with superior outdoor performance features. Tackle greater gradients of 10 degrees, higher kerbs of up to 100mm and greater obstacles with larger 33cm tyres – it’s truly a mobility scooter designed for those who just can’t sit still. There’s no need to worry about distance either as the large 75Ah battery size will power an extended range of up to 45km and a lively top speed of 8mph. You’re also assured of a smooth, rewarding drive each and every time with the advanced 4-wheel suspension (as standard) supporting a maximum user weight of up to 160kg. Plus with a black metallic colour finish, the Jupiter will always get the attention it deserves.


All-round advanced suspension

Every wheel on the Jupiter has it’s own independent suspension, so whether you’re cruising around town or travelling over more varied terrain, you’re assured of the ultimate comfort over every bump you may encounter. Plus, with bigger 330 mm pneumatic wheels, you’ll effortlessly clear any obstacles more easily too.

Powerful LED’s to light your way.

With advanced LED lighting technology, the lights on the Jupiter mobility scooter are 400 times more energy efficient than standard bulbs, so not only are you using less battery power on every trip, you also won’t have to worry about changing bulbs either. Powerful and approved for road-use, it won’t just be the Jupiter’s style that attracts attention.

Comfort on every trip.

With 75Ah high performance batteries powering a potential range of 45km, finding your perfect seating position for those long journey’s is effortless with the easy-to-adjust luxury seating. Adjust the seat height, depth and recline to suit your own unique driving position. The flip-up comfort armrests are also width, angle and depth adjustable – and combined with the seat rotation ensures that transferring in and out of your mobility scooter is effortless.

Intuitive controls

Seeing as you’ll be spending a lot of time behind the controls of your Jupiter, the delta handle-bar is ergonomic and easily within reach thanks to the infinitely adjustable tiller (the clever design even ensures that the headlight is automatically tilted as the tiller is adjusted). The unique wig-wag control system also allows you to control your mobility scooter by using your fingers or thumb.

  • Width: 660mm (66cm)
  • Length: 1500mm (150cm)
  • Seat Height: 450mm – 500mm (45cm – 50cm)
  • Turning Radius: 1.5m
  • Castor Wheel: 330mm (33cm)
  • Drive Wheel: 330mm (33cm)