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Classic Helping Hand Reacher 31″


Key features:

  • Gripcert® jaw ensures a firm but kind grip of the finest of items – paper, fabric, store card. When used for dressing, we have ensured will be gentle against the skin.
  • Ergonomic comfy grip handle design avoids finger and wrist strain, easy to use.
  • Small metal objects can be sited and recovered easily with the handy magnet at the end
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The original and number 1 selling reacher of choice – The Classic – the professionals’ choice that works every time. Multi-purpose, the Classic is ideal for picking up everyday items around the home if bending or reaching is difficult to do. Available in a range of lengths and styles – not forgetting the handy travel folding options – you will always have one with you when you need it! Classic Guide The Classic is available in a range of lengths to suit all situations, and also as a fold down version for even easier storage. Every Reacher also comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

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