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Why a Mobility Scooter is a Great Choice

Almost all of us have faced difficulty with our mobility at some point in our life or others. Accidents, whether minor or major, impacts our mobility when we injure our limbs in the process. People facing a personal mobility deficit due to an accident, medical condition or old age will require a power mobility product if they desire to lead a normal, mobile and active lifestyle.

Power Mobility Devices (PMDs) are the class of wheelchairs that includes power wheelchairs (four-wheeled motorized vehicles whose steering is operated by an electronic device or joystick) or POVs (three or four-wheeled motorized mobility scooters that are operated by a tiller) that one can use for mobility and transport purposes.

A power wheelchair is beneficial to persons with severe weakness of the upper extremities (due to a neurologic or muscular condition) because it enables the user to operate the wheelchair using a single hand, or head control. These are more apt for in-home use due to their smaller turning radius. They are not designed for frequent, outside use (like shopping, travel trips etcetera)

Power Operated Vehicles (POVs) or power mobility scooters overcome this limitation of their wheelchair counterparts. Mobility scooters are designed to provide an individual with increased access to the community by enabling people to cope with normal vocational and social activities. These are suitable for people having good trunk control, adequate upper body strength and dexterity to operate the controls and be able to transfer to/from the scooter seat. POVs are very popular among seniors who only able to walk or stand for a limited time.

For users who are constantly on-the-move and require easy-to-transport mobility with superior value, Drive Medical Scooters seem to be the uncontested choice. They offer a variety of options catering to the specific needs of the individuals. They are often also covered under insurance policies like Medicare.

While smaller mobility scooters are easy to disassemble and transport in the back seat or the trunk of your car; for medium or heavy-duty mobility scooters, in order to achieve the same functionality mechanically, a scooter lift is required.

You can also purchase additional accessories for power scooters to customize your shopping needs.

Such accessories include scooter arm tote, power scooter armrest bag, power mobility oval bag and power mobility carry-all bag.

To carry your personal belongings like a walking stick or your drink on-the-go, you can opt for the power mobility drink holder or the power mobility cane/crutch holder.

In the certain version of mobility scooters, the seat can be even turned next to a table in a restaurant to reduce transfers!

Thus, mobility scooters or power scooters are vital for those with restricted mobility but wish to maintain maximum and safe access to the home and community, conserve energy and enjoy their lives to the fullest possible extent.